Jail & ban times for Trial-Moderators

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Jail & ban times for Trial-Moderators Empty Jail & ban times for Trial-Moderators

Post by Evoc on Sat Apr 18, 2015 3:01 am

RDMx1=!jail 300 and !warn
RDMx2 !jail 400 and !warn
RDMx3 !jail 450 and !warn
RDMx4 !jail 500 and !warn
RDMx5 !jail 600 and !warn
RDMx6 !jail 650 and !warn
RDMx7 !ban 1 day and warn
RDMx8 !ban 2 days and warn
RDMx9 !ban 7 days and warn
RDMx10+ !ban 0

Mass RDMx3 !ban 7 days and warn
Mass RDMx4 !ban 10 days and warn
Mass RDMx5 !ban 15 days and warn
Mass RDMx6 !ban 20 days
Mass RDMx7+ !ban 0

RDM and left to avoid !ban 3 days
RDMx2 and left to avoid !ban 4 days
RDMx3 and left to avoid !ban 5 days
RDMx4 and left to avoid !ban 7 days
RDMx5 and left to avoid !ban 15 days
RDMx6+ and left to avoid !ban 0

NLRx1 !jail 120
NLRx2 !jail 200

Self supply !kick

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