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Donator Ranks And Offers Empty Donator Ranks And Offers

Post by Evoc on Wed Apr 22, 2015 2:59 am

Custom Class: Allowed to choose player model, 2 weapons of choice (no specialties) 1 SWEP (SWEP can be swapped out for another weapon)
All Access: Allows access to donator jobs, printers, weapons etc. $50
Doner Admin: Allows you to have access to admin rank permanently.  You can be demoted for abuse of powers, doing a bad job. Receiving complaints about you.  You will not be demoted for inactivity: $50
100,000 points for point shop: $30
5 million Ingame money: $5
8 million Ingame money: $8
10 million Ingame money $10
20 million Ingame money $15 ( best offer)
Emerald-Donator: Access to all jobs, printers, cars and 5,350,000 ingame money. $30
Diamond-Donator:Access to all jobs, printers and some cars. 450,000 ingame money.  $25
Gold-Donator: Access to all jobs, printers and 650,000 ingame money. $20
Silver-Donator: Access to some jobs and 500,000 ingame money. $15
Bronze-Donator:Access to less jobs and 100,000 ingame money. $15[/center]

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