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Update 1.1 Empty Update 1.1

Post by Ryder on Tue May 05, 2015 2:35 pm


Added Hitman
Added Mechanic
Added Theif
Added Admin On Duty
Added Moderator On Duty
Added Bank Robber
Added Drug Dealer
Added Fireman
Added NewsCamera Man
Added Bank Security Guard
Added Banker
Added HotelManager
Added BlackMarketDealer
Added Secret Service Limo Driver
Added Secret Service
Added Taxi Driver
Added Pet
Added PoliceAttack Dog
Added RaidingDog
Added Swat
Added Swat Medic
Added Swat Cheif
Added Swat Sniper
Added Terrorist
Added Marines
Added Rapist
Added Pimp
Added Prostitue
Added Combat Medic
Added Mercenary
Added Child Abuser
Added Aninmal Control
Added Fatass
Added Spy
Added a Owner Class Only
Added Serial Killer
Added Coder Class Only
Added Owner Class 2 Only
Added Mayor's Daughter
Added Hacker
Added Coder Class Only 2
Added Co-Owner Class Only

Removed Mobboss from being the Hitman
Replaced it with The job Hitman

Black Market Dealer can no longer Buy Miniguns
Removed Miniguns

Added Swat,Swat Cheif,Swat Sniper,Swat Medic,Mayor's Daughter to Civil Protection Doors

This is the First Update Any Missed Files will be fixed in the Next Update

08/04/2015 (---- The date that this update came out

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