Update 1.2 and Demotions!

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Update 1.2 and Demotions! Empty Update 1.2 and Demotions!

Post by Ryder on Tue May 05, 2015 2:37 pm

Warning Some Admins have been removed and some ranks due to messup and abusing!


iamgamertron (Reason was) you were denied on the application and you still did get trial-Admin.
Tronic(Jayden) you were demoted because you abused too many times adding yourself as owner is one of them and not making vaild reason is not what we do.
Apple (Apple you joined the our server for the first day and you got trusted you need to become atleast alot of days to play on our server.)

Oskar-The-Survivallist you were never applyed to our website and was just added randomly to Staff.


Fixed Jobs When they werent Showning
Fixed Admin on duty to show to all ranks besides User or Trial-Moderator and Trial-Admin

Donator Ranks was removed by accdently we are putting it back and you will recive your ranks back

New Printers were added last night

(We might have a New Website soon But we arent soo sure for now)

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