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Post by Ryder on Wed Apr 08, 2015 12:59 am

General Rules

1. The staff have the final say in all situations. Do NOT argue with them. If you feel wronged in some way by an admin, file a report on the forums.

2. Have fun!

3. Do NOT commit acts of Random Death Match (RDM).

4. Do NOT make fun of other players.

5. Do NOT metagame.

6. Do NOT use cheats or third party programs.

7. Do NOT troll, flame, or disrespect other players out of character.

8. Do NOT harass other players.

9. Do NOT leave the server to avoid being stolen from or to avoid punishment.

10. Do NOT spam voice communications.

11. Do NOT abuse exploits.

12. Do NOT encourage other players to break rules.

13. Do NOT abuse loopholes in the rules.

14. Do NOT break rules to enforce rules.

15. No one is to be segregated in our community. Do NOT harass people or act biased against them because of their age, gender, race, sexuality, etc.

16. You may NOT impersonate players.

**If you need a staff member for a situation, put "@" in front of your message. It will be directly notified to our staff.**

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