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Post by Galacon 2015 on Wed May 20, 2015 10:58 pm

Steam Name: [oWn]Galacon 2015 | The Doctor

Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:51091351

Steam Profile (Link):

Age: 15

Gender: Male

Country: New York, United States

Hours on DeltaGamingRP: 2 Hours 17 minutes as of this post time

About yourself: Im a person that dont talk much dont use my mic at all and just like codeing more of a corner stay away from guy

Experience about adminship: ive been admin on a few sevrers even super admin and owned about 4 gmod server so im good with falcons prop protection and ulx

Why i am interested in becoming an admin: i really love the server besides some maps and people are nice also like e2 access

Why I would make a good admin: i have lots of experience and i now what to do and i dont choses sides if a friend prop kills hes kicked

Which languages do you speak?: English

What server are you applying for?: Delta gameing dark rp

Do you have a microphone?: Yes but i never use it because i have the microphone qulity of a sinking submarine radio guy

Are you familiar with ULX commands ?: yes ive used many commands like kick,ban,teleport jail,jail,con,and most of the server managing one like add group

Do you have experience in administrating?: yes as i said before ive owned a few gmod servers and i now whats good and bad

Why do you apply to become an administrator?
The server nice always someone on admins other admins do there jobs and people now there place and are never corrupt

Why should we pick you to become an administrator?
Im always on Garrys Mod always one server and if i become a admin i will be one for lots of hours to come also i and very friendly and now how to handle conflict

Galacon 2015

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Admin App Galacon 2015 Empty Re: Admin App Galacon 2015

Post by Shia Suprise! on Thu May 21, 2015 12:24 am

He deserves to be admin in the server. He was really friendly when I joined and he works well with others. I think he should be ADMIN but thats my opinion.

Shia Suprise!

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