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Update 1.4 Empty Update 1.4

Post by Ryder on Fri May 22, 2015 5:25 am

This Update is only for the jobs that i have been working on and took me forever to make this so here it is

Added Head Gangster
Added Trial-Moderator on Duty (Only for Staff)
Added Soldier
Added Military Commander
Added Military Sniper
Added Military Recon
Added Terrorist Commander
Added Terrorist Sniper
Added Terrorist Recon
Added Hostage Rescure Unit
Added Rebel
Added Rebel Leader
Added Refugee
Added Russian Mafia
Added Russian Leader
Added Police Guard
Added Hobo King
Added Ninja (For Donator Only)
Added Salesman
Added Home Decorator
Added Home Defense Builder
Added CDC Emergency Unit
Added CDC Scientist
Added Secret Service
Added Mafia Ambassador
Added Gang Ambassador
Added Terrorist Ambassador
Added Defense Inspector
Added Home Inspector
Added Militia
Added Militia Leader
Added Crime Lord
Known Bugs/Fixed

Majors and some CP/SWAT Cannot Run (We are still looking for the problem)

Fixed Swat now can open Goverment Doors
Fixed Swat now can Warrent
Fixed Swat Now can Unwarrant
Possible Map Changing to big map

We do not know if we are
but to make sure if we are i will annouce it right here onto the website/Steam group All the Updates will go there.

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