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Post by DDG Austism on Wed Jun 17, 2015 6:55 pm

Steam Name: Austism

Steam ID: TheOpenDoorGaming

Steam Profile (Link):

Age: 15

Gender: Male

Country: America

Hours on DeltaGamingRP: 10

About yourself: I am on most of the day. I consider others opinions. I like to help people with their problems.

Experience about admin-ship: I have been a mod and an admin on other servers and I have lots of experience with being staff.

Why i am interested in becoming an admin: I am on all day and see a lot of situations I could help with as a mod and I like helping others out.

Why I would make a good admin: I love helping others and I am very good at working out difficult sutuations and getting to the bottom of things.

Which languages do you speak?: English and some spanish but not a ton.

What server are you applying for?: MethRP

Do you have a microphone?: yes

Are you familiar with ULX commands ?(If so please list some examples of the commands): No (I could learn though)

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